Best Buddies International, an equal opportunity employer, is a dynamic non-profit organization dedicated to
enhancing the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. At Best Buddies, we believe that
to achieve our goals, the most important element of our strategy is to attract, retain and develop the best
and brightest talents.

Our work environment is characterized by dedication and optimism. We invite all persons wanting to make a
difference in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities to explore our current job opportunities.

For information regarding job openings outside the United States, please contact the country office directly.

If you are looking for integrated employment, please visit our Jobs Program page.


Director, Programs - Baltimore, MD
The Director, Programs is primarily responsible for supporting the field staff in their state in implementing programs and programmatic initiatives in alignment with organizational best practices. This is accomplished by training and coaching field staff and volunteers, developing benchmarks for success, establishing and utilizing tracking methods, and working with the state director to hold field staff accountable for meeting their programmatic goals. This position will be accountable for the state’s overall programmatic goals.


State Director - Ohio
The State Director is responsible for developing an annual state plan and implementing the plan through overseeing day-to-day operations in all offices statewide, securing funding for programs and special projects, overseeing programs to ensure program consistency and success, managing local Advisory Boards and associated committees, and supervising state staff. S/he also assists and directs Program staff to ensure program consistency and success.


Employment Consultant - Boston, MA
The Employment Consultant develops relationships with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and employers and works to create and ensure the long-term success of integrated employment arrangements. Employment opportunities are crafted with both the aspirations and support needs of the participants, and the needs of the employer to ensure mutual compatibility and sustainability. Employment Consultants must comply with all state and federal regulations regarding reporting, certification, and health and safety, and must maintain an active awareness of and willingness to advocate for the well being of all participants.


Deputy Director, Jobs
The deputy director, jobs assists the senior director with overseeing the development, expansion and continual improvement of the jobs program in all markets, with a focus on quality assurance within all programs. They provide direct support to field staff through regular contact, training, and consistent monitoring of the programs.


Data Entry Specialist - Miami, FL
The Data Entry Specialist is responsible for daily data entry, updating and maintaining donation and constituent information in the Best Buddies constituent management database. S/he also provides support on various projects.


Director, Alumni Relations - Miami, FL
The Best Buddies Alumni director is responsible for developing the organization’s first Alumni association. The director will create, plan and implement an alumni program that strategically engages alumni of Best Buddies to strengthen our programs and to provide tangible benefits to all BB alumni, volunteers and participants.


Program Supervisor - Southern Maryland Region
The Program Supervisor supervises Program Managers to ensure the success of local programs, which also may include the direct management of programs as assigned. They are also responsible for overseeing day-to-day office logistics and providing support to the Area/State Director as needed.


Program Manager, Citizens - Baltimore, MD
The Program Manager, Adult Friendship works with the community volunteers and local agencies that serve adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to develop and maintain successfull one-to-one friendships.


Director, Operations & Programs - Boston, MA
The director, operations is primarily responsible for ensuring the vision of Best Buddies Massachusetts is implemented by directly supervising all staff, overseeing all operational areas including budgeting, tracking of revenue and expenses, contract billing, managing reports to funders and facilitating communications with Best Buddies Headquarters


Director, Development - Boston, MA
The Director, Development is responsible for developing and implementing state events, securing foundation and/or grant opportunities and the managing of local advisory boards and associated committees.


Operations Coordinator, Jobs Program - Miami, FL.
The jobs program operations coordinator is responsible for providing operational support to the local jobs program. They work to ensure that all contractual agreements for the local jobs program are properly executed, tracked and reported with the funding agencies. They serve as the point of contact for all contractors and manage all timelines for reporting to contractors with the employment consultants. The jobs program operations coordinator serves in an employment consultant capacity as needed including evaluating new referrals for acceptance into the program, developing new job leads, job placement, job coaching and pre-employment training with applicable reporting.


Program Supervisor, Jobs - Las Vegas, NV
The Jobs Program Supervisor supervises Employment Consultants to ensure the success of the local Jobs Program, which includes the direct support of participants as assigned. They are also responsible for employer recruitment, tracking and fulfilling contractual obligations, and ensuring the accuracy of the billing process.

















































































































































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