Chapter Dates and Deadlines

The chapter dates and deadlines listed below apply to the 2016-2017 academic year. Please contact your Best Buddies staff contact with any questions.

Important Best Buddies Dates and Events

Fall Semester
(Dates determined by chapter president and Best Buddies staff)
Leadership Training DayParticipate in LTD in state/community with all chapter leaders & advisors.
Volunteer / Club FairParticipate in school volunteer/club fair to promote Best Buddies & recruit new members.
Organizational / Recruitment MeetingHold organizational interest meeting by October 1 to recruit new members for the school year.
Global Volunteer TrainingChapter leaders hold GVT for all peer buddies & buddies. Training should be held prior to match party.
September 24, 2016Eunice Kennedy Shriver (EKS) DayChapters are encouraged to host or participate in events in Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s honor that celebrate inclusion in our schools, communities, and workplaces.
January “Back to Best Buddies” Meeting & ActivityHold welcome back meeting & activity to kick-off the new year, and welcome back the buddy pairs.
MarchBest Buddies MonthCelebrate Best Buddies Month throughout March. Events can be held in conjunction with Spread the Word to End the Word & March chapter activities.
March 1, 2017Spread the Word to End the WordChapters are encouraged to host a STW event, pledge banner signing, or other activity in honor of the annual day of activation.
April 21-23, 2017Global Youth Service DayOptional opportunity for chapters to participate in a day of service around their community.
July 21-24, 2017Best Buddies Leadership Conference 2016The 28th Annual Best Buddies Leadership Conference at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. All chapter presidents are required to attend, and officers and advisors are welcome to participate.

Best Buddies Online Deadlines

1st of the Month Buddy Pair Deadline: Friendship Update Friendship updates are due on BBO from buddy pairs each month (throughout the academic year)
5th of the MonthChapter Deadline: Friendship UpdateThe chapter friendship update submitted by chapter president / secretary for the chapter buddy pairs on BBO (throughout the academic year)
November 1, 2016Officers Selected, Matches Made, Chapter Roster Completed & Membership Applications SubmittedAll officers selected and approved, matches made for the chapter and rosters finalized on BBO by the chapter leadership team. Membership applications submitted and approved on BBO for all chapter members and leaders.
January 15, 2017Mid Year EvaluationThe completed chapter mid year evaluation with PM approval is due on BBO.
(Deadline from Best Buddies staff)
Outstanding Chapter of the Year ApplicationsApplications for all state CO, HS, MS, & Promoters chapters are due to the state office.
April 1, 2017Chapter President ApplicationsChapter president applications for high schools and colleges are due on BBO for all interested candidates.
May 15, 2017Annual ReportThe completed chapter annual report is due on BBO.
June 1, 2017Chapter DuesChapter dues ($350) due to the state office. (Applies to college, high school, and promoter chapters only.)
June 1, 2017Best Buddies Leadership Conference Registration & FeesBest Buddies Leadership Conference registration (including conference consent) completed on BBO and registration fees (for additional officer/advisor attendees) are due to state office.
June 15, 2017Best Buddies Leadership Conference TravelBest Buddies Leadership Conference travel itineraries are due to state office.

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