Recruitment Best Practices

It is essential to recruit volunteers and generate publicity for each chapter from the very beginning. If help is needed, contact the program manager. Most importantly, delegate!  Utilize officers and returning members as much as possible to brainstorm, or tailor the following suggestions to fit the school.  Sample recruitment posters are available in the Downloads section.

When to start?
Right away!  Get the word out about Best Buddies during the first two or three weeks of the school year. Though especially important at the beginning of the year, continue to publicize throughout the year!

Who will help?
Make sure to delegate!  Ask the officer corps, friends, and students interested in Best Buddies to help out as much as possible. Chapter advisors and Best Buddies staff are also available for support.

How to do it?
Focus on announcing the date of the organizational meeting in a variety of ways.

Click here for recruitment ideas

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