Promoters Chapter Overview

Best Buddies Promoters empowers youth who attend schools without a special education department to become advocates for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This is accomplished through organizing and attending special events that promote advocacy and bring awareness about the disability rights movement. Schools that take part in Best Buddies Promoters will have, by the end of the school year, successfully introduced the disability rights movement to a new population. Best Buddies Promoters is an essential part of Best Buddies’ future and helps us achieve our vision to put ourselves out of business.

Chapter Members

Promoters chapter members include students that attend schools that do not have special education departments.

Chapter Leaders

Each chapter is led by a student leader and school faculty.  This leadership team ensures that their chapter is fulfilling the mission of Best Buddies and following Best Buddies’ guidelines.  The leaders of the chapter are trained by Best Buddies staff members at the Best Buddies Leadership Conference, held in July, and at a Local Leadership Training Day, held locally each fall.

Best Buddies Staff

All chapters have a Best Buddies staff member assigned to them.  These staff members oversee the implementation of the mission on campuses, ensure all administrative duties are being completed by chapters and help chapter leaders with logistics and troubleshoot any obstacles that may arise during the year.

Where possible, Best Buddies staff will go to schools and meet with chapter leaders and attend chapter activities.

Meetings & Activities

Chapters come together as a group regularly for meetings and activities.  Meetings are held for disability awareness trainings and to discuss upcoming fundraisers, group activities, and any other initiatives the chapter is joining.  Chapters have group activities each semester that can take place on or off school campus.  These activities are for chapter members to have fun and celebrate inclusion!

Best Buddies Online

Best Buddies Online (BBO) is the official website that school participants use to join, participate and manage Best Buddies chapters.  Here, members fill out membership applications and access information about events and meetings for their chapter.

Chapter Dues

High school and college chapters pay chapter dues of $350 annually, due June 1st.  These dues cover the cost of using BBO, the Best Buddies Library, using the Best Buddies name and logo, Best Buddies liability insurance, local trainings, and the leadership conference registration fee for the chapter president.  Middle school chapters do not pay dues.  Click here to pay chapter dues online.

Events & Initiatives

Throughout the year, Best Buddies hosts several events to fundraise and spread awareness about our mission.  Chapters are always invited to attend, show their support, and join in the fun.  Best Buddies also encourages all members to participate in different initiatives on their campuses to further the social inclusion of people with IDD, like Spread the Word to End the Word and I’m In To Hire.

Read about guidelines for Promoters


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