Best Buddies Promoters empowers youth who attend schools without a special education department to become advocates for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This is accomplished through organizing and attending special events that promote advocacy and bring awareness about the disability rights movement. Schools that take part in Best Buddies Promoters will have, by the end of the school year, successfully introduced the disability rights movement to a new population. Best Buddies Promoters is an essential part of Best Buddies’ future and helps us achieve our vision to put ourselves out of business.

Click on the links below to access information and resources for participating in, and leading, Best Buddies programs.  Promoter chapters should utilize the resources under School Chapter Trainings to guide chapter management.  Please note that some links are specific to one-to-one friendships.  For detailed information about the structure and goals of the Promoters program review the Promoters Chapter Basics page.

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