Making One-to-One Friendships

Best Buddies is all about friendship and a chapter president’s legacy will be the one-to-one friendships fostered during their term.  This section introduces all the materials necessary to make quality matches.  The forms listed below can be found in the resources section on Best Buddies Online (BBO).

Membership application

Everyone who participates in a Best Buddies chapter must complete a membership application (MA). These applications must be completed by each chapter member on BBO prior to being matched.  Membership applications provide coverage at all events for members, in addition to providing important contact information for members and consent to participation. No one should participate in Best Buddies meetings, events, or activities until an approved membership application is on file. If members are under the age of 18 or have a legal guardian, consent must be received before approving an application. If online consent is not possible, instructions for printing the consent section of the application are included in the MA process. Please note that BBO requires the chapter leaders to APPROVE and ASSIGN chapter and officer roles for each MA that is submitted. See the BBO User Guide: Chapter Admin Edition for full instructions on how to approve applications and assign chapter and officer roles. All MAs must be submitted and approved by October 15.

Membership application renewal

All members must have an updated and approved membership application on file at the start of each year. For returning members with an accurate MA on file, the only steps necessary to renew their application is to visit the Membership Application page on BBO, select that they are a returning member, review their current information, and submit Renew Application. It is required that all returning members personally consent at the start of each year to participate in the program. For chapters with many returning members who wish to update applications on file, consent must first be collected in writing for all returning members. For officers collecting consent for many returning members, instructions for printing the consent section of the application are included in the MA process. Questions regarding the renewal process and collecting consent for renewals should be directed to your Best Buddies staff contact at the start of each academic year.

Matching surveys

The matching survey is used during the matching process and is to be completed online on BBO.  It can be completed along with the MA, or can be completed separately after the MA is submitted, approved, and the member has received their login information.   All peer buddies and buddies must complete the MA and matching survey prior to being matched.

Best Buddies Online: Membership application support

Review BBO and the BBO User Guide: Chapter Admin Edition with the HSC/SEA, so that they can assist the buddies in completing the MAs, buddy profiles, and matching surveys.  The HSC/SEA should begin this process with the buddy applicants prior to the organizational meeting, so that matching is not delayed.   The HSC/SEA should have any individual he or she feels would be appropriate and would enjoy participating in Best Buddies fill out the MA  and matching survey online.

While the chapter leaders should work together to provide opportunities for all chapter members to complete their MA, buddy profile and matching survey online, it is recognized that this may not always be possible.  In these instances, the paper forms can be accessed and printed from the resources section of BBO or by contacting the program manager.  However, please note that it is the responsibility of the chapter leadership to enter these forms into the online system.  Best Buddies has provided a number of resources to make this a fast and simple process for the chapter leadership, even when entering applications for multiple members.  See the Best Buddies Online User Guide: Chapter Admin Edition for more information.

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