Best Buddies Online

Best Buddies Online (BBO) is the official website that school participants use to join, participate and manage Best Buddies chapters and one-to-one matches.

This is where participants fill out membership applications and access information about events and meetings for their chapter.  Below are trainings developed to help you learn to use BBO.

BBO Basics Training

All chapter members should be familiar with the information provided in this training in order to get the most out of BBO during the school year.  Included are instructions for membership applications and accessing your chapter portal.

BBO Admin Training – chapter officers and advisors only

Chapter officers and advisors have admin access to BBO to manage member rosters, add calendar events and make matches.  This training contains detailed instructions on managing your chapter in BBO.

BBO Training Videos

These BBO training videos are also available to help you navigate and understand BBO.


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