Best Buddies Glossary

The following list defines the majority of member roles and common terms for Best Buddies.

Ambassador– a  participant who has completed an official Best Buddies Ambassadors training and is committed to promoting and educating audiences about the mission, philosophy, and benefits of Best Buddies through public speaking.

Annual report – a report that school CPs complete about their chapter on BBO at the end of the academic year.

Associate member/associate buddy – a chapter member who is not matched in a one-to-one friendship, but who attends chapter meetings and group outings.

Best Buddies Online (BBO) – an online system that serves as a centralized location for all information regarding each Best Buddies chapter including chapter events, roster and member contact information, and match information.  BBO is currently being utilized by our school and adult friendship programs.

Buddy – a volunteer with an IDD who is paired in a one-to-one friendship with a person without an IDD. (Must be 18 years or older if participating in a college chapter or citizens program.)

Buddy director (BD) – an individual with an IDD who works closely with the chapter leadership to ensure the full participation of all buddies in their chapter.

Buddy pair – two people, one with IDD and one without IDD, matched in a Best Buddies friendship.

Citizens chapter – a group of adults from one corporation who are matched with adults in the community with IDD to create a citizen chapter at their workplace.

Chapter – a group of students from a middle school, high school, or college that is organized to create friendships between individuals with and without IDD and is recognized by the school administration and BBI.

Chapter dues – every chapter submits $350 in chapter dues (high school and college only) each year by June 1.

Chapter president (CP) – a full-time student who organizes, leads, and maintains an active chapter of Best Buddies for the duration of one academic year.

Corporate advisor – the corporate advisor organizes, leads, and maintains the Best Buddies Citizens chapter and ensures that members fulfill the commitment of Best Buddies.  The person selected for this role must be employed by the company and must be matched in a one-to-one friendship.  They act as the liaison between the company, the chapter, the host site, and Best Buddies.

e-Buddy – a person who is paired in a one-to-one e-mail friendship.

Employment consultant (EC) – a Best Buddies staff member who works with individuals with IDD and employers to create and ensure the long-term success of integrated employment arrangements.

Facilitator – Best Buddies staff person or trained volunteer (board member, SEA, FA, etc.) who leads an ambassadors training.

Faculty advisor (FA) – a member of the school faculty or full-time staff who serves as a liaison between the school administration and the chapter, providing support to the student leaders and chapter members throughout the year.

Group outing – a planned event where buddy pairs join together to participate in an activity as a chapter or group of matches.

Host site – a residential facility or other program that serves people with IDD. These organizations or agencies are selected to partner with a school to form a Best Buddies chapter, or can refer individuals with IDD to the citizens, e-Buddies and jobs programs.

Host site coordinator (HSC) – a professional trained in the field of IDD, who acts as a liaison between the chapter and the host site by providing on-going information, education, and training with regard to the social integration of people with IDD.

Jobs participant – a person with an IDD who is 18 years of age or older and qualifies for supported employment services.

Jobs employer partner – a small to large business or company that chooses to partner with Best Buddies Jobs in hiring one or more Best Buddies Jobs participants.

Jobs contract partner – the Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Department of Rehabilitation, Regional Center, or Department of Developmental Services division of state government that authorizes BBI to operate a supported employment program within the respective state and provides contracts to receive referrals for new and prospective Best Buddies Jobs participants. Partners may also include school districts who wish to contract with Best Buddies Jobs to provide job development and job coaching services to students in transition.

Key players – the key players include the CP, FA, and SEA/HSC from a chapter who oversee the management and facilitation of a Best Buddies chapter.

Match – two individuals, one with and one without IDD, who are paired in a Best Buddies friendship. Also known as a buddy pair.

Mid year report (MYR) – a report that school CPs complete about their chapter on BBO at the end of the fall semester.

One-to-one friendship – the pairing of one individual with IDD and one individual without IDD.

Parent advisor –a parent or guardian of a member in a middle/high school chapter who serves as a liaison between chapter leaders and chapter members’ parents, assisting in the planning and communication of chapter events and outings.

Peer buddy – a volunteer without an IDD from a school chapter who is paired in a one-to-one friendship with a person with an IDD. (Must attend the school of the Best Buddies chapter, or must be 18 years or older for the citizens program.)

Program manager (PM) – a member of the Best Buddies staff who oversees the daily management and development of all aspects of the Best Buddies program (colleges, high schools, middle schools, e-Buddies, citizens, promoters and ambassadors) he/she is managing.

Promoter chapter – a group of students from a middle school or high school without a special education department (e.g. private high schools) that advocate for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Secretary –a member of the officer corps in a high school/college chapter who completes chapter forms/resources required by the school and/or BBI and reviews monthly friendship updates on each match.

Speech coach –a volunteer who is paired with one ambassador for the duration of an ambassadors training to assist with the writing and practicing of a speech. Speech coaches help ambassadors in areas of brainstorming, organization, and editing. Speech coaches should not be writing speeches for their matched ambassadors, but serve as a guide/mentor who provides one-on-one attention as needed.

Sponsor – a person who knows the buddy very well and is willing to serve as a resource to a citizens friendship.  He or she will be able to answer questions that the buddy, peer buddy, or PM may have.

Student leaders or officer corps – participants from the middle schools, high schools, and colleges programs who are chosen to lead the Best Buddies chapter on their campus and fill the designated officer positions as outlined in the program manuals.

Special education advisor (SEA) – a member of the middle/high school faculty who serves in the special education department and acts as a liaison between the chapter and special education classroom by providing on-going information, education, and training with regard to the social integration of students with IDD.

Vice president (VP) –a member of the officer corps in a high school/college chapter who plans, supervises, and evaluates all chapter activities and program initiatives, including Best Buddies Month, Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day and Spread the Word to End the Word activities.

Treasurer – a member of the officer corps in a high school/college chapter who prepares and monitors the chapter budget, ensuring there is enough funds for chapter dues and chapter activities.

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