The Best Buddies Logo

Keith Haring, one of the best-known contemporary artists in the world, created and donated what has become the Best Buddies logo.  It incorporates a colorful creation that represents one-to-one affection and acceptance. The image is a work of art in itself, and therefore it is important to preserve its integrity as such.  Best Buddies LogoThe logo is licensed, managed and monitored by the Keith Haring Foundation in New York.

Each official chapter of Best Buddies International, Inc. is entitled to use our name and logo, the trademark, propriety symbols, and copyrighted materials (of Best Buddies International) for the purpose of publicity.  Please note: only accredited chapters and members have the right to use the Best Buddies logo on promotional materials and merchandise.

Click here to read about the rules for using the Best Buddies Logo.

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