All Best Buddies Leadership Conference (BBLC) attendees stay in Indiana University’s residence halls. All student attendees will share a room with one of their peers from their state or region. Dorm assignments are made based on program (college, high school, and middle school attendees will be housed in separate dorms) and separated by gender.  Chapter advisors and chaperones have individual rooms.  Best Buddies International takes the safety and security of our conference participants very seriously. Throughout their stay at BBLC, attendees are chaperoned by over 350 Best Buddies staff members and volunteers in addition to the Indiana University security that patrols the campus grounds 24 hours a day.

If you have accessibility needs for rooming, such as needing an ADA accessible shower, please mark this on your registration form.


Throughout the weekend attendees will dine on campus. Meals will be provided at specified dining halls throughout the university. If you require special dietary arrangements, please mark this on your registration form. The catering and dining services staff are able to accommodate special dietary needs.

After the conference events have ended each day, attendees are able to order food at their own cost from outside vendors prior to curfew each night.

Getting Around Campus

All Best Buddies Leadership Conference sessions and events take place on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University.

The residence halls, classrooms and the auditorium are all close to each other.  Attendees and staff will walk to the different buildings.  Please bring comfortable shoes with you and be prepared for hot weather and rain.

If you have transportation needs, please mark this on your registration form and inform your Best Buddies staff contact.  Shuttles will be made available for those that need them.

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