September 25, 2010

Dear Friend:

          On behalf of Special Olympics and Best Buddies, thank you for joining us today in celebrating Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day. We are thrilled about the countless ways athletes and buddies, volunteers, and friends of Special Olympics and Best Buddies have joined together to perform "Acts" of unity and inclusion around the world in honor of our mother. This day is more than just a tribute to her, it is a tribute to the difference you are making in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, and to the future you are building where all people are accepted, regardless of ability.

          As we celebrate today, we thought these words from her would be a special inspiration to you: “There is no joy like the joy of unleashing the human spirit. There is no laughter like the laughter of those who are happy with others. There is no purpose more noble than to build communities of acceptance for all. This is our glory.”


Thank you again for your contribution. We hope you will visit our website and view the "Acts" of unity that so many have performed around the world today.



Tim Shriver                        Anthony K. Shriver

Timothy P. Shriver, Ph.D.
Special Olympics
Chairman & CEO

Anthony K. Shriver
Founder & Chairman
Best Buddies













is an annual celebration of her life and a global call for people to engage in acts of
acceptance, inclusion, and unity for people with intellectual disabilities. Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day has been created
to inspire people to experience her legacy and embrace the movement she founded in her backyard. What started as
an inclusive sports camp in the early 1960s, has blossomed into a worldwide movement transforming lives in over
170 countries. The goal of Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day is to share her story and impact and inspire young people to commit EKS Acts of Unity with a goal of reaching 100,000 EKS Acts.


On 25 September 2010
, Special Olympics and Best Buddies will lead the world in a celebration of the inspiration,
impact, and indomitable spirit of Eunice Kennedy Shriver. Most schools around the world are in session in September,
providing an excellent opportunity to partner with schools during the week leading up to Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day.


Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day will be launched in several regions and led by Special Olympics and Best Buddies
around the world. Please join the real heroes of this movement who are unifying communities and expanding
opportunities around the world: the athletes of Special Olympics and the buddies of Best Buddies.
Help them honor Eunice Kennedy Shriver on September 25th. Embrace the spirit of Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day
and become an agent of acceptance and action throughout the world.


Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s actions helped open the minds of all people to the gifts and talents of individuals with
intellectual disabilities. She believed in their possibilities, which fuels hope in all of us to make a difference.
Eunice Kennedy Shriver demonstrated an indomitable vision that one person could make a difference and
change the world. Her legacy must be our commitment to improve and transform the lives of the 200 million
people worldwide with intellectual disabilities that still live with diminished opportunities, social disrespect,
and neglect.

Today, our call to action begins with you. We invite you to celebrate this extraordinary woman’s legacy and take part
in Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day’s demonstration of acceptance, inclusion, and unity:

  • Participate in a local Special Olympics or Best Buddies “PLAY ON” event on Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day;
  • Use social, print, or video media to share the impact of Eunice Kennedy Shriver;
  • Challenge your friends and family to join ( and commit EKS Acts of Unity;
  • Create your own Act that demonstrates your passion for continuing Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s invaluable legacy;
  • Visit to learn about the life and impact of Eunice Kennedy Shriver and inspire
    others to join in acts of acceptance and inclusion.
  • For more information on Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day, visit


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